Slalom 2 The Beach Company - Littlehampton

Sat 7th - Sun 8th May

About Slalom

UKWA Slalom represents windsurfing in its purest form. No matter what your ability, the kit you use or the discipline you specialise in, everyone can relate to the exhilaration of blasting back and forth, trying to squeeze that extra bit of juice out of your kit whilst racing your mates.

At an event you choose a fleet to join depending on your ability, and blast around a simple course, trying to get to the finish the quickest!

At the events, there are several fleets:

Read more about the Slalom fleets before you enter.


Notice of Race (Go to official notice board)

Sailing Instructions (Go to official notice board)

Slalom Flags 2022 (Go to official notice board)

Other event documents and policy documents including Covid policies and procedures

Event Sponsor

The Beach Company Littlehampton

Cafe and watersports venue for further details click here


Tour Sponsors

Tabou / GA Sails -

OTC The Official Test Centre

K66 / Fanatic / Duotone / ION

Simmer O'shea / Puravida


JP / Neil Pryde

QuiverWindsurfing / Goya / Quatro / Kachina Clothing

Starboard / Severne


The Beach Company

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Format for slalom 2022

7 to 11 knots Lightwind Foiling

Lightwind Foiling will take place on the slalom courses in non Championship Racing Conditions. The Lightwind foil racing is free to everyone who has entered for The Championship Racing Event.

Sailors will compete in their allocated Championship Racing fleet ie. Pro or Amateur. Sailors must wear helmets and impact vests at all times when foiling.

11 knots plus

Championship Slalom racing

Amateur Fleet - Fin only

Pro Fleet - Fin v Foil, use either. Note Pro Fleet sailors must wear helmets and impact vests at all times.

Master Blaster

Any kit you wish but no foils. Racing takes place in all wind conditions, there are no restrictions/higher or lower limits other than common sense.

How do I enter & how much will it cost.

Entry will be online only due to Covid restrictions.

On Line Pre entry closes at 10pm on the Monday prior to each event. Should you miss the deadline please contact 

Why enter on line? To protect our volunteers. In addition when you pre enter on line you will receive a 5% pre entry discount. Alternatively if you enter 5 or more events across Slalom and or Course Racing National Championships and or Inland events (excluding National Windsurfing Championships) you will receive a 15% pre entry Discount.

How much will it cost?

Pro & Amateur

Adult £65

Junior/Youth Under 20/Full time student £50

Note: Event entry fees at Weymouth are £10 more than other locations.

Please Note: Only members can pre enter Pro or Amateur fleets. You will need to log in to see the entry options.
Enter pro/amateur online.

Master Blaster

Master-Blaster entry in 2022 will be £25, whichever event you choose to enter including insurance for non members. Entry is by the Pay-Pal button on the event page. Below

Adult £25

Junior/Youth/Full time student Under 21 £25

Competitor's name
Membership no. (if applicable)

Please Note: You need to be a member of the UKWA to enter any slalom Pro or Amateur events. Entry to masterblaster automatically gives temporary membership. To join the UKWA go to JOIN HERE.

Camping and or car parking fees may apply.

Please pay at machine and display a ticket at all times.

In addition all vans, tents and motorhomes parked on site are required as per terms of entry to carry an appropriate fire extinguisher.

Is there anything else I should do ?

You should read the Notice of Race

You should read the Sailing Instructions

These two documents should tell you everything you need to know about racing at the event. Of course if its your first time or you have not attended for a while then you may have a question or two. See contact below.

Competitors should make every effort to display their sail number. Sailors without a number displayed will be asked to fabricate a number on the day.


For any help/ further information you require please contact Bob Ingram

Slalom Sponsors Rash Vests

All sailors shall wear a sponsors rash vest when afloat.

Pro fleet - Yellow

Amateur fleet – Blue

Masterblaster fleet - Orange

The rash vest shall be worn over any other clothing / wetsuit and remain visible at all times, however they may be worn under any personal flotation device if preferred.

Rash vests may purchased from the race office.

Purchase £20.


The UKWA will be using its Public Address System to make announcements this weekend

However in addition we will be using a smartphone App. Whilst the PA system works well if you are in proximity, we can now talk to you directly via your smartphone throughout the event.

Not only can we talk to you, if you miss the transmission you can play it back so you never miss a thing.

If you want to be part of this then please search for and download the App called Zello Once you are signed up you go to Channels and search for UKWA including the UKWA logo.

So long as you have the App open at the event you will receive our transmissions

Further details at the events, just ask a member of the race crew.

Please note: Neither of the above replaces an individuals responsibility to The NoR, The SI's, Flags and The official Notice board


The UKWA welcomes your honest feedback on its events. Your feedback at the event or completed within 4 days on line will be collated and published on line with a selection of comments. You may add your name or remain anonymous.

Please download a form here Feedback Form and e-mail to The Feedback Administrator

Feedback Results

Results of the event feedback and a selection of comments will be posted here



The Beach, Sea Road, Littlehampton. BN16 2NA

Mewsbrook Car Park

Terms of attendance

The UKWA reserves the right to exclude or expel any member / non member / family / group or individual from its event site should it be considered that they may by their actions or the perception of such bring the UKWA, its hosts other parties or individuals into disrepute. The UKWA Committee, in part or in it’s entirety, shall be the sole judge of such action, and their decision is deemed final.

Persons expelled shall leave the event site within 30 minutes of any verbal notice and shall not return. Exclusion may be deemed temporary (this event) or permanent (all events). Permanent expulsion shall be the decision of the elected committee and shall be confirmed in writing within 21 days of any temporary expulsion, however any excluded individual may not attend any UKWA events during this period of consideration.