Freestyle Tour Fleets


There are no age, experience or sponsorship restrictions in this fleet. Entrants to the "Pro" fleet will generally be those sailors who are or have been paid to windsurf, or are full time sailors, or with equipment supplied by a shop, brand or outside sponsor.

Sailors who have sufficient skill to compete at "Pro" level but are not sponsored may also enter this fleet. The Event Committee will reserve the right to promote sailors from other fleets if it is deemed necessary.

Sponsors branding on sails, boards, clothing or vehicles is unrestricted.

Sail numbers are mandatory.


Amateur Men

Any male of any age can enter. It is generally a fleet for those sailors who do not consider themselves to be of “Pro” ability or who are aspiring to reach that level.

Sailors should have purchased their equipment themselves and no sponsors branding apart from the manufacturers original logos are allowed on sails or boards unless approved by the Event Committee. Sail numbers are advisory.

The above applies and sailors should be aged 35 or over on the 1st January 2012
The above applies and sailors should be aged under 20 on the 31st Dec 2012.
The above applies and sailors should be aged under 17 on the 31st Dec 2012.
The above applies and sailors should be aged under 15 on the 31st Dec 2012.

There are no age or experience restrictions and sponsorship is allowed. If there are sufficient entries ladies fleets may be further sub divided into age categories. Sail numbers are advisory.

Competitors may enter one fleet only, except with the express permission of the Event Committee. Membership of the UKWA is a requirement.

Competitors may be required to wear rash vests or to display UKWA or Event Sponsors branding and logos on their sails or boards.