Chris Audsley

Chris Audsley

Becoming 2002 national champion for me was just so memorable, I was so pleased to have got the title two years in a row. I think that the standard in British sailing has improved so much over the years so to hold the UK title these days is quite a claim to fame. Almost every brit sailor will be there even if they live abroad which just goes to show how serious it is and how much it means. There have always been many world class sailors that have been brought up from the UK it is just the sheer amount of sailors that will give most of the top guy’s a run for their money and now make all the contests very close and exiting!

Name: Chris Audsley
Year of Birth: 1980
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Discipline: Freewave
Sail Number: K 505
Sponsors Fanatic, Sailworks, O’Neill, Team Fake Fish

All the events that were run were such a success and even if there was no wind, the atmosphere was brilliant and everybody really enjoys them selves, so even if you have never done an event before or just want to get some experience and have a good time then come along to some of the events to see.

The year saw some big changes with the way the contests were going to be run, but despite all the changes that were made I feel that it was a really successful year, thanks to everybody that has contributed in helping run and organise the events along with all the sailors for turning up, even if it was freezing cold!

I am really looking forward to competing again this year to try and defend my title as I know there is a lot of tough competition. Not only that but it is such a good excuse to spend time with your friends at such amazing places, with hopefully epic condition!