Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis

This year I'm still on the mission, to spread the word that windsurf racing is cool, its extreme, its challenging, and its exciting. The time has come for people to be able to sit in there living rooms and watch us on TV, flying around at sea, at break neck speeds, battling each other and the elements. The UKWA have transformed the competition scene in the UK, we now have bigger events, more people and a platform in which we can sell our sport. Now all that’s left to do is get that final stage and break into the main stream.

Name: Dan 'Mash' Ellis
Year of Birth: 1978
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 97kg
Hometown: London
Started Sailing: 1988
Personal site: Dan-Ellis.com
Disciplines: Racing, Slalom (and Waves 4 Fun!)
Best Results: 3rd IFCA Slalom Europeans 2005
8th IFCA Slalom Worlds 2005
9th PWA World Tour 2005
Sail Number: GBR 52
Sponsors: Fanatic, Naish.

In 2005 I broke into the World top 10 and through training and tuning my equipment I intend to continue the upward movement. With great support from Fanatic and Naish I have all the tools I need to get the job done.

Competitions 2006: UKWA Slalom Cup. AWT. Euro Cup. PWA Racing. IFCA Slalom Worlds/Euros. And the 4 stop ISA Speed tour should keep me nice and busy...

How I started: When I was 6 I sore this fun looking thing, 4 years later I had my 1st go

Favorite venues: Tarifa, Margaret River, Maui, Dahab and now Cape Town

Best race equipment: Fanatic Falcon Slalom boards are fast exhilarating rides that have world champions to prove there worth and Naish are proven as the fastest sails ever, need I say more.