Dave Cole

Dave Cole

With a keen dingy sailor as a father, I was around boats from a very early age (I could run before I could walk...). I think I first tried windsurfing when I was about 13 or 14 (was it even invented then?) but got distracted with other sports and didn't come back to windsurfing until I was about 30.

Name: Dave Cole
Year of birth: 1960
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 75 kg
Hometown: Harrow, Middx
Disciplines: Formula
Windsurfing since: 1973
Best Results: 1st Formula Freeride 2003.
Sail Number: GBR 896
Sponsors Bic Sport

Having raced in the Raceboard National fleet for the last few years, I was keen to try Formula sailing. I bought a Starboard Formula 155 but before I ever got around to racing it, BiC clearly saw my potential and sponsored me with a complete BiC Techno Formula and rig package (though to avoid jealousy, adopted the subterfuge of a competition in Windsurf magazine).

This season has been an enjoyable and fairly stress free experience, learning to sail a "short fat one" in the Freeride fleet, though Marazion seemed to be a baptism by fire. The main aim in the fleet is to complete the course - or to fail to do so in a more spectacular fashion than Krafty, though he sets a high target.

Thanks to BiC, not just for the competition prize but also for their continued support of not just me but the whole Freeride fleet. Particular thanks to Dave for loaning me rigs (and often even rigging them as well) and to Guy for sorting me out a larger rig than the one I actually won. Thanks also to Krafty, whose sheer enthusiasm has resulted in many people giving the Freeride fleet a go.