Jilly Bromley

Jilly Bromley

I have been on the national circuit since I was three because my brother was racing (Sam Bromley). I started racing in the Northwest region because in Wales there was no racing. I did my first full year racing on the national circuit in 2002 racing aloha and came 11th overall and 3rd girl.

Name: Jilly Bromley
Year of Birth: 1988
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 55kg
Hometown: Buckley, North Wales
Years Racing: 4
Disciplines: IMCO, Mjod and Learning
Freestyle and wave sailing
Best Results: Welsh Champion,
2nd girl youth and masters 2002,
5th Poole freestyle finals 2003
Sail Number: GBR 752
Sponsors: F2, Arrows, Boardwise,
Boardseeker, Sola wetsuits,

This year I have been racing and training on IMCO Mjod. I went to the European championships and came 11th but I missed 2 races because some stupid boy knocked me off and drove into my head, sounds funny now doesn’t it? I am also going to the world championships in November.

I’m learning to do freestyle and getting really wet doing it, but its all fun. I really want to become a pro windsurfer so after I have finished my GCSE’s next year my time can be dedicated to windsurfing.

Left picture copyright David Eberlin, right picture copyright Giles Fletcher.