Ricky Wooding

Ricky Wooding

I started windsurfing quite late at the age of 27, which I do regret. I wish I could go back and start at a much earlier age.

I learnt to sail at Leyboune Lake, Malling in Kent. My inspiration back then was a very very young Robby Swift, he was on fire then. Seeing him sail on the lake using my kit was something else, awesome.

(My thanks to Peter, Darren and Paula Simonds; not to forget Dennis Maynard who runs the lake).

Name: Ricky Wooding
Year of Birth: 1968
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 88kg
Hometown: Minster Isle of Sheppey Kent
Windsurfing Since: 1992
Sail number: GBR 103
Disciplines: Slalom and Free Formula
Best Results: 2nd free formula, Bewl 2006,
1st master, free formula, Christchurch 2006,
1st Aloha Youth and Masters 2004.
Sponsors Wet n Dry Boardsports,
Point7, Bartons Point,
Team Minster Windsurfing.

I then moved my sailing to Minster, Sheppey in Kent, where I would meet up with Stuart Ord-Hume, "The Master". We would go on marathon sails together to Essex and back, and round the wreck making mock races. He, at the age of 54 is still one of the most awesome sailor's I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know. Upwind in light wind is second to none, and he pushed me to the next level for sure. Cheers stu...

I always push myself to the limit and most of the time beyond it; my friends would say that I need to race.

I joined the UKWA in late 2003. It has really made me realize that I had so much more to learn from windsurfing and the racing.

I went from one of the best at the lake, to a total novice on the race circuit. I find it very friendly and challenging to boot and I haven't looked back. My best achievement so far was at Christchurch 2006 two first place wins and two second places, putting me in 2nd over all and 1st masters' I was well stoked.

I competed in the Weymouth speed week 2006, for the first time and had the pleasure to meet and sail with the sailor of all sailors... my 'hero' ... from many years ago... Bjorn Dunkerbeck. A top bloke, and a great inspiration to me. I was very pleased with my results of the weekend, coming in at 15th place of 66 entries.

Minster Killer Demo Tour. 2006. Meeting The Legendry Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Speedweek Portland Harbor. 2006. Poole Animal Windfest In 2005.