Robby Swift

Robby Swift

I started windsurfing in 1987, at the age of 3. My dad was the one who got me into it, he was pretty keen himself, and that was why he named me after his idol Robby Naish. I have always looked up to all the windsurfers on the world tour, and making a living from windsurfing, as it has always been the way I wanted to spend my life.

Now I still look up to the guys at the top of the world, and the ones who sail with incredible style. My main ambition in life is to live it to the full, and win a world title, and hopefully inspire a lot of kids like myself to go out there and get into a sport that they love.

Name: Robby Swift
Year of Birth: 1984
Height: 5'9
Weight: 80kg
Windsurfing since: 1987
Disciplines: Waves & Freestyle
Personal Site:
Best Results: Currently 4th in World Freestyle Ranking.
2nd Fuerteventura PWA Freestyle 2002.
Youth World Champion, in
Racing and Slalom 2000.
Sail Number: K89
Sponsors Oxbow, Neilpryde, JP-Australia


To win a world title, hopefully in waves and freestyle.

Never to have to have to stop windsurfing and find a job!