Sam Bromely on the winners podium at Hove 2002.

Sam Bromley

Age when I started windsurfing: 10 years old
How I started: My dad took me to Bala lake to have a go
Favourite venue: Hove/Brighton

Best event: Wimeraux 1999, where I knocked out elite squad members to get into the world team
Worst event: Marazion 2000, where it took me almost all day to reach the course. When I completed the course I came back in got trashed in the shore break, and taken to hospital with a badly sliced foot.

Goals: UKWA Formula champion 2003, Qualify for the British squad
Best race equipment: Bic FV1.4, Formula North Sails, 12.5, 10.9, 9.8
Favourite place: At home with my girlfriend Shereen
Best thing I ever bought: My own home

Name: Sam Bromley
Year of Birth: 1981
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 79kg
Hometown: Buckley, N.Wales
Years Sailing: 19
Discipline: Formula Racing
Best Results: UKWA National Formula champion 2002
Welsh champion from 1997-2001
5th Espoir in Youth and Master Worlds 2002
Sail Number: GBR 567
Sponsors BicSport, North Sails, Sola Wetsuits (and my girlfriend!)