Steve Jarvis

Steve Jarvis

Only got into wavesailing at the start of 2007. Before that I'd just kept to surfing as(foolishly) I believed was a more fun sport. After seeing the Polakow video I quickly realised what windsurfing could be. I got plenty of sessions in at Avon beach, then stayed in a lot in order to accumulate enough money to go to Pozo for three months last summer. I came back and did my first two competitions in the UKWA, realised sailing in competitions is slightly different, so I trained a bit for that, and sailed a lot better in my SWA events. I hope to sail to a freesailing standard in my next comp : - ).

My background is strongly in surfing, so I'm definately hoping for a couple of wave riding events!!

I first started windsurfing when I was about 7 or 8, taught by my dad at Calshot and Mudeford Harbour, I was then taken to his favorite spot(Hill head) where I learnt all the Basics. Then as soon as I got a car I was straight off to Avon Beach Park!!!!

Thanks to everyone that's given me advice (John Skye), to my parents who've helped me out with the whole thing. 4boards have been awesome, providing me witth great deals even before I was sponsored by them. And a big thanks for sponsoring me North, Fanatic and Prolimit!!!!

Name: Steve Jarvis
Year of Birth: 1988
Height: 6'
Weight: 75kg
Hometown: Eastleigh Nr. Southampton
Sailing since: 1997
Disciplines: Wave
Best Results: 1st Exeter Wave 2007
1st Swa wave Overall 2008
3rd Youth Tiree 2007 (My )First ever Comp!!!!!)
Sponsors Fanatic; North Sails; Prolimit; 4boards; University of Southampton