Steve Maxted

Steve Maxted

Steve was born in Brighton in August 1943. The son of a Polish Airman but has an English Mother. Moving to Nettlestead, Kent, at the age of ten, he attended Maidstone Technical School, where he became known for notorious stunts such as jumping of Maidstone bridge in the middle of winter.

Steve joined the Royal Marine Commandos, straight from school. He was awarded ‘The Commando Medal’ which is marked, ‘for outstanding ability’.
Four years later, following the partial loss of a finger in an accident, Steve became a well- known Disc Jockey and Stuntman, which was his career until 1992.

Name: Steve Maxted
Year of Birth: 1943
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 74kg
Hometown: Camber Sands
Windsurfing since: 1986
Discipline: Formula and Slalom
Sponsors: Tushingham Sails,
Starboard Boards,
Hastings Windsurfing.
Sail Number: GBR 31

Now, he operates amusement machines. He lives with his wife and two children, at Camber Sands, a renowned windsurfing venue in East Sussex where he is often out in the waves.

Windsurfing Achievements

Has windsurfed for 17 years. Originally learnt to sail dinghies at Tankerton sailing club, Kent

In 1986, at Chatham, Steve broke the ‘Guinness Book of Records’, world endurance record by more than 24 hours. He windsurfed for 103 hours (5 days and four nights.)

Steve loves marathon races and has won numerous class trophies in the various, ‘Round the Island’ races.

In 2001 and 2002, Steve won the windsurfing division, in the ‘Round Sheppey’ race, which is Britain’s longest marathon. During the 2003 race, he became the first and only person to successfully circumnavigate the island on a Formula board.
Steve has won the UKWA National, senior, then veteran, Formula course racing title, every year since Formula began. Previously, similar wins with the BWA.

This year, he has also finished 1st Veteran in the National Slalom series and 8th. overall. Thereby qualifying for the first, London Boat Show, indoor competition.

Other Sporting Achievements

Once beat the Italians, in Italy in a giant slalom, ski race, coming 1st. Played rugby for the Marine Commando depot at Deal and squash for Swanley.

Windsurfing Ambitions

To take part in a race across the English channel. To do even better in the slalom, next season and to try and keep fit.