Steve Thorp - K4

Steve Thorp

Started windsurfing on a Wayler Chipper, back when you could buy one new in the shops! My first short board was a Chapter 295 pop out. I started racing with the UKWA (BFA back then) in around '93, just as short boards were starting to be used for upwind racing. I competed in course, slalom, and speed with reasonable success, my best results being 6th, 1st and 2nd respectively in very strong fleets. I stoppped racing in 2001 and decided to concentrate on wave and freestyle (i love 'em :-) ).

I'm still mad keen on windsurfing after 20yrs and doing my best to keep up with the fulltimers. Highlights in my career so far have been breaking 40knts at Kirby on an epic day with Whitey and Nik, and that night at Bercy, unforgetable.

Name: SteveThorp
Year of Birth: 1972
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 75kg
Hometown: Leicester
Sailing since: 1985
Disciplines: Wave, Speed
Best Results: 14th 2008 British wave championship,
6th Bercy indoor freestyle,
7th 2008 world gps ladder,
2001 British slalom champion.
Sail Number: K4
Sponsors Nobles, Simmer, Tabou, Xcel, TWB,