UKWA Slalom Series

The slalom racing part of the UKWA includes a number of importers and interested parties coming together to provide high quality slalom racing for pros, amateurs, juniors and a master blaster option open to anyone who can blast out to sea and retutn to the beach.

There is aseries of events at coastal locations, sponsored by Neil Pryde / OTC, Starboard/Severne, 4Boards, Fanatic North/K66, Goya / Quiver Windsurfing, Simmer / Puravida, Gaastra / OTC.

One of the founding importers, Chris Lewis, said:

Racing. A word that splits opinion across many sports, fear in some, excitement in others, and windsurfing is no different and in fact in many ways it’s a sport that highlights this split more than others. A number of Importers and retailershave joined forces with the UKWA, the association that organises and runs all forms of competitive windsurfing in the UK, to try and show us all that racing need not be all about expensive kit and the fear of where you might finish, and in fact racing is more about just getting on the water with other sailors and enjoying like-minded company both afloat and ashore, seeing new places and sailing in new waters, whilst all the time enjoying the benefits of free advice, technique clinics, product presentations and tuning talks.

The new slalom concept has seen the slalom events that make up the British series being franchised out to key and active Importers & retailers who will endeavour to provide windsurfing extravaganza’s for their customers and local sailors. Each event will involve demo kit for you to try from all the manufacturers, parties, promotions, technique clinics from the pro’s on subjects ranging from speed to gybing, spock’s to rigging and tuning!

The UKWA will also be on hand to run and organise racing for all levels of ability. Slalom is something that we’re all pretty good at but probably don’t realise, sailing back and forth across the wind, gybing at each end and with numerous rest stops depending on how fit you are! If you fancy doing this with another 30 or 40 sailors at the same time then you’re going to love slalom sailing, add this with the opportunity to try out all the latest kit at the same time and get prizes for doing it, enjoying some apres-surf in the evening then the 2010 Slalom series is for you.

If you are taking part in the master blasters, just turn up when it says in the event information.

If you are in the pro or amateur fleet, have a read through the Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race before your first event, these are listed in the event information pages.