About Speed Sailing

Speedsailing is the easiest competitive windsurfing event you can enter. You only need to be able to sail in a straight line, don’t even have to turn round if you don’t want to.

The Panicle of UK speedsailing is Weymouth Speed week

Weymouth Speed Week is the oldest and longest running sailing speed event on the planet, having started in 1972. It caters for all sailing craft, experimental and production It attracts the novice to fastest speed sailors in the world to a fun and very enjoyable week.

Weymouth Speed week takes place early October, and is held at the all new Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. The 2010 event is the 16th to the 22nd of October.

Since 2007 WSW has also incorporated the UKWA Spartan British Speedsailing Championships. The benefits of this as well as picking up some great prizes. Is it will also give UKWA members, Speed world cup points in the ISWC world ranking as it is part of the world tour.

The whole event is limited to approximately 120 sailors and is fills up fast, so get your entries in early to secure your place. All abilities are welcome and the top prizes of holidays, boards and sails etc go to mainly the novice and amateur sailors.

The WSW Web site is www.speedsailing.com

GPS speedsailing sites

There are a couple of sites that are dedicated to tracking your GPS results, the most popular is GPS speedsurfing.

An alternative is GPS View, it allows you to share your GPS sessions online. Visualize your windsurfing sessions using Google Maps, with full colour coded track analysis. Select any of your top stats to see exactly when and where you were performing at your peak. Categorise and search all sessions by country, region, location and date at gpsview.com.au