Video timing equipment is not used at these events. Only hand held gps units are used. This enables calls to be made at very short notice. Thus guaranteeing a much as possible wind for the event. The main unit used is the Navi GT31 (£130 approximately with a memory card and Aquapack) is a preferred supplier and very competitively priced. Older GPS units such as the Garmin Foretrek and Geko are still acceptable but are not as accurate.

The rules are base on the rules dictated by gps-speedsurfing. An average of the best five ten second times will give the speed for each sailor. The GPS units must recording at a minimum of two second time intervals. The GPS tracks are up-loaded to a computer and speeds are calculated on gps software such as the free to use gps action replay or highly recommended GPS Results (free for 30 days then 29 Euros Downloadable from the website ). Each competitor will then post his or her time on gps-speedsurfing and clicking British Speed Championship as the event. The results will then automatically appear on the gps results forum page and the British only page results page.

Windsurfing Equipment

Any equipment is allowed. It’s not only speed boards that are quick. A wave board attained an average of 40 knots at Sandy Point. So speed or slalom boards are not a must. With the introduction of affordable hand held GPS units. The average sailor can now be sailing and getting speed sailing tips from the likes of Dave White, Bob Cunningham and Steve Thorp. What other format allows the average sailor to be rubbing shoulders with the world’s best.

Overall there has never been a better time to take up speedsailing. It’s easy its fun and you don’t even have to be able to tack or gybe!

What’s stopping you?