Sponsoring the UKWA

The United Kingdom Windsurfing Association is responsible for the national titles in Windsurfing, we run the following types of events:

Course racingCourse Racing - upwind and downwind around marks

Course racing is very tactical and energetic, comparable to sail-boat racing but faster and more fun! 

The UKWA Cup Series includes one event which also forms part of the North Sea Cup Series with French, Belgian and Dutch competitors.

SlalomSlalom Racing - crosswind and downwind around marks

Slalom racing is something any windsurfer can do - blasting back and forth. However, on the open sea and with the top windsurfers in the country the speed and skill are spectacular.

Slalom Series on the sea: 6 x 2 day events (2012 - 133 participants, 335 entries)

FreestyleFreestyle - acrobatic manoeuvres graded by judges

Freestyle provides a spectacular display often very close to the beach. Even when there is no wind there is often scope for competitors to put on a show by using a jetski to tow them upto speed.

Freestyle Series: 6 x 2 day events (2012 - 31 participants, 91 entries)

NB: The UKWA are also associated with the organisation of Wave and Speed events but these are not currently available for sponsorship via the UKWA

Media coverage

ScreenshotAs part of our regular events we publish results, photos and reports on UKWA website which receives ocver 150,000 page views. Other windsurfing media also publishes articles and other media from our events.

Full page ads in Windsurf Magazine each month which include our sponsors' logos, and links from Boards Magazine's website. Usually one or two big articles per season go into the windsurfing press, as well as local articles which usually appear after the event

Current UKWA Membership is around 750, generally the most committed windsurfers in the UK! About half of the people doing  racing and slalom are under 22, so it is also a youthful membership overall.

Social media

Twitter logoAt the moment we have over 3,200 twitter followers for the UKWA account. Facebook use is building, with just under 1,000 followers of the UKWA page but a lot of activity spread over sub/related comunities with a reach of upto 10k (based on Facebook's stats). We also have an active email list of  over 1,000 people, and our reach goes out via other windsurfing organisations such as the RYA.

Exposure to general public varies greatly from venue to venue and also depends on wind direction and weather conditions.

Sponsorship possibilities

There are two basic options, sponsorship of a whole Series (Inland, Cup, Slalom or Freestyle), or sponsorship of individual events.

Series sponsorship can be exclusive or non-exclusive. The UKWA reserves the right to obtain individual event sponsors whose products do not conflict with those of the Series Sponsor unless it is exclusive (at the discretion of the UKWA).

The 2013 Slalom Series already has Individual Event Sponsors in place and thus for 2013 only a Non-Exclusive Series sponsorship is available.

In return for sponsorship of a whole Series we would be able to offer the following:

The sponsor would need to provide:

Sponsorship cost

Series and event sponsorship is costed on a per-event-day basis:

Series nameExclusiveNon-exclusiveEvent
Cup series) £4200 £2800 £300(£400 for 3 day event)
Inland Series  £3000 £2000 £250
Slalom series NA £2000 NA
Freestyle series  £2250 £1500 £200

Supplementary items

Further possibilities which would be charged at cost:

Other possibilities include logos on course marks, on clothing for official boat crews and on UKWA boats.

For more information, contact:

For more information please contact Rod Davis 01895 846707 (Day/evening) or email: info@ukwindsurfing.com

Events in 2017

To see the dates and locations of the events, see the UKWA Event Calendar , or specific calendars for: