UKWA Membership

If you are renewing (e.g. you just received an email reminder), you already have an online account:


Joining the UK Windsurfing Association allows you to enter any UKWA event*.
You also gain the following benefits:

If you renew late (i.e. after the rewal date), a year is added to your renewal date. If you renew early a year is added from the renewal date.

Members should login for more details.

How to join (new members)

Membership costs £60 (or £80 for a Family, or £45 for Youth/student membership). You can join online:

* Some events require qualification, e.g. the National Wave Sailing final.

* Family membership: Married couples or Partners living together at the same address and any siblings under 18 years of age. Children over the age of 18 but still in full time education (FTE) may also remain as family members by providing proof of their FTE status.
Children over 18 and not in FULL time education will require individual membership.