Freestyle Tour 5 - Poole

Sat 10th - Sun 11th September

Windfest 2011I’ve left this edition of UKWA enews about the Freestyle at Poole Windfest until the last possible moment because I’ve been looking at all the forecasts and I really haven’t been able to believe my own eyes, but it’s true... there will be WIND at Windfest and quite a lot of the stuff by the look of it.

If you’re a Freestyler you really must not miss this event, it’s the last one of the season and there is everything to play for in most Fleets. Adam’s in the lead in the Pro’s at the moment but Bubble’s not far behind. Alex is leading Sam in the Youths, but he's not unbeatable. Oscar is looking good in the Juniors and the Minims is pretty open between Ike and Harry right now.

Official registration will be at the Windfest site with me (Trevor Funnell) on Saturday morning between 09.00 and 10.00, although I will take entries on Friday afternoon if anyone is around. Competition should start by 11.00 on Saturday so please don’t be late for registration. Call me on 07764-578648 before 10.00 if you are running late and I will put your name in the heat draw.

Unfortunately there are no concessions for competitor parking in the main car park, but there is an alternative, cheaper car park a short distance away. See map below.

For spectators, Poole Windfest is probably one of the best events of the year. There will be all sorts of stuff going on from the Animal Bike Tour to the Red Bull Matadors via wakeboarding, kiting, slacklining and indo boards, also the Windfest party is the biggest of the year. See you there.

- Trevor Funnell

For more information check out the website,

For further freestyle information contact: Trevor Funnell, email

Terms of attendance

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