Stena Line Cup 2 - Herne Bay

Sat 2nd - Mon 4th June

North Sea Cup

Cup two at Herne Bay is also the British leg of The North Sea Cup.

Ok it's an extra £5 for this event but in return you will be served a free meal in the sailing club. The club will be providing a barbecue for all competitors, remember to collect your voucher from the race office at registration. In addition extra tickets will be available for family members at £7.50

Not only is the meal included but you will also receive a free event T shirt again please collect this at registration. Extra shirts may be available to family members at £10

The Plan

The North Sea Cup event and the UKWA event will run side by side, with most races counting towards both events. NB: There is a specific set of Sailing Instructions for the North Sea Cup event.

However the north sea cup event will not begin before 12 noon therefore there will be a race for the UKWA fleet at the normal start time prior to the first joint race.

The last possible start for the North Sea Cup will be 3pm on Sunday 3rd. There may be additional racing for the UKWA fleet.

REMEMBER: Plans can change, watch the flags and watch the official notice board


About Herne Bay

Herne Bay sailing club have gone out of their way to accommodate our every need. Follow the link to their web site to find out more about the club Herne Bay Sailing Club


For your sat Nav the address and post code is Herne Bay Sailing Club, Beacon Hill, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6BA


There is plenty parking along the sea front for which there will be a ukwa supliment of £5 per day/night. The front is long and thin therefore please park as close together as possible. A bike is always a good plan at Herne Bay! Additional parking will be available on the road behind the club. There are no issues with the camping, the UKWA have visited the site and the on-road parking backs on to the grass area behind the club so is therefore quite satisfactory for our needs. There will be a trailer drop off point in the club grounds. Tents can be pitched behind the club house 

About The Cup Series

Racing will take place on a variety of courses depending on conditions. Whilst these events will attract the top course racers from the UK and abroad, if this is your first event, do not be deterred, you are most welcome. Make yourself known to the race office and we will not only welcome you but we will make every effort to make your first event a memorable and enjoyable experience

Series Scoring

The UK National Champion will be decided by ones best 4 results from the 6 cup events. For further information see The Sailing Instructions and The Notice of Race. Links can be found from this page.


Pre enter by following the link from this page and save 10%. Pre enter 4 events and save 20%.

Terms of attendance

The UKWA reserves the right to exclude or expel any member / non member / family / group or individual from its event site should it be considered that they may by their actions or the perception of such bring the UKWA, its hosts other parties or individuals into disrepute. The UKWA Committee, in part or in it’s entirety, shall be the sole judge of such action, and their decision is deemed final.

Persons expelled shall leave the event site within 30 minutes of any verbal notice and shall not return. Exclusion may be deemed temporary (this event) or permanent (all events). Permanent expulsion shall be the decision of the elected committee and shall be confirmed in writing within 21 days of any temporary expulsion, however any excluded individual may not attend any UKWA events during this period of consideration.