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Sat 13th - Sat 20th October


At present there is only one campsite on Tiree at Balinoe run by Willie Angus Telephone - 07712 159205 or 01879 220399. There are limited places and early booking advisable.

Please note that driving off metalled roads beyond the verge with a campervan, or in a vehicle to access tent-sites is not permitted.

Also, it is important to protect the sensitive machair and dune systems of Tiree by promoting responsible access and using campsites and car parking facilities where provided. will bring you to the information page relating to access issues on Tiree.  There is also a free download OUT AND ABOUT ON TIREE – a guide for responsible visitors.

Here is an extract regarding responsible access:

Recreational users and land managers alike welcome responsible 'wild camping' on Tiree. When camping please choose a site well away from houses to ensure disturbance to both parties is minimised. Unlike official campsites, this type of camping is lightweight, done in small numbers and only for up to three nights in any one place. On Tiree, as houses are widely scattered, it is preferred that all campers seek permission before pitching their tent.

The only public toilets on the island are located at Scarinish. Campers staying elsewhere on the island are reminded that they should leave nothing but footprints at their campsite. Burying of faeces is not recommend on machair or sand dune areas as digging into the sand can instigate erosion; as with all litter, faeces should be removed from these areas in a plastic carrier bag, and disposed of responsibly.

Driving off metalled roads beyond the verge with a Campervan, or in a vehicle to access tent-sites is not permitted.

Please avoid damaging grass by not lighting camp-fires on grassland.

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Terms of attendance

The UKWA reserves the right to exclude or expel any member / non member / family / group or individual from its event site should it be considered that they may by their actions or the perception of such bring the UKWA, its hosts other parties or individuals into disrepute. The UKWA Committee, in part or in it’s entirety, shall be the sole judge of such action, and their decision is deemed final.

Persons expelled shall leave the event site within 30 minutes of any verbal notice and shall not return. Exclusion may be deemed temporary (this event) or permanent (all events). Permanent expulsion shall be the decision of the elected committee and shall be confirmed in writing within 21 days of any temporary expulsion, however any excluded individual may not attend any UKWA events during this period of consideration.