AGM 2023 - Stokes Bay

Sat 7th October

Notice of UKWA AGM


Stokes Bay Sailing Club @ 7.30pm Saturday 7th October 2023


1. Approval of the Minutes of the previous AGM 2022, Attached

2. Matters arising from the Previous Minutes (not covered in the Agenda Items) 

3. Chairman’s Report (Bob Ingram) Attached

4. Finance  Report Attached and to receive the Financial Statements and Accounts for the year to 31st December 2022 Attached 

Accounts to year end 31st December 2022 here

5. Resources Report – by James Palin, Director of Resources Attached

6. Admin Report - Brian Tilbury Attached - Sue Robinson Attached

7. Marketing Report - Rod Davies Attached

8. Speed Report - Pete Davies Attached

9. Wave Report Attached

10. Election of Directors

The existing board puts itself forward for re-election consisting of

Elected executive directors

Mr Alastair Campbell Director of communications

Mr Rod Davis Director of marketing & publicity

Mr Bob Ingram Chairman

Mr James Palin Director of resources

Mr Andy Watkinson Director of finances

Mr Brian Tilbury Director of administration

Nominated directors

Mr Pete Davis Head of Speed

Mr Nigel Treacy Head of Wave

Alternative candidates shall be proposed and seconded and the proposals be received in the UKWA office at least  3days before the meeting to allow the proposal and agenda be published.

The agenda may be revised should candidates be proposed as above.

11. AOB of the Association

Please print your own copies of any documents you may wish to refer to during the meeting. The UKWA will not be providing printed copies in view of its support for the environment. Links can be found above.

Members may wish to refer to The UK Windsurfing Association Memorandum and Articles Of Association As amended by resolutions passed on 24 September 1982, 7 May 1983, 9 April1999, 22 October 1999 and 12 May 2001, Revised 2014. Attached

Submit a question via email.

To the AGM (business of the assosiation) HERE

To the sailors meeting (any subject you like) HERE

Answers will be found in the minuites when published.

Sailors Meeting

The AGM will be followed by a one hour sailors meeting, there will be no agenda and the meeting will be open to the floor.


stokes bay site plan


Stokes Bay Sailing Club, The Promenade, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport, Hants. PO12 2BL.

Tel:023 9258 1513


Terms of attendance

The UKWA reserves the right to exclude or expel any member / non member / family / group or individual from its event site should it be considered that they may by their actions or the perception of such bring the UKWA, its hosts other parties or individuals into disrepute. The UKWA Committee, in part or in it’s entirety, shall be the sole judge of such action, and their decision is deemed final.

Persons expelled shall leave the event site within 30 minutes of any verbal notice and shall not return. Exclusion may be deemed temporary (this event) or permanent (all events). Permanent expulsion shall be the decision of the elected committee and shall be confirmed in writing within 21 days of any temporary expulsion, however any excluded individual may not attend any UKWA events during this period of consideration.