Zara Davis

Zara Davis with speed blur going down a speed course.Zara Davis has entered the Hall of Fame for her outstanding contribution to Windsurfing in Speed sailing.

Her achievements in speed sailing are legendary She has won three World championships, 6 European championships and 11 British Championships. Held the Nautical mile world record from 2006 to 2019 and held the 500m world record speed record 3 times with her fastest speed over 500m of 46.49 knots.

Bob Ingram the UKWA Chairman has said 

“Zara is our Queen of speed and its been incredible to see her success over the years, She was voted windsurfer of the year in 2011 and this honour is a well deserved crowning of her career”

You can find more of Zara's acheivements on her website