Slalom 2 - Tushingham - Hayling Island - Beach

Sat 25th - Sun 26th April

About Slalom

UKWA Slalom represents windsurfing in its purest form. No matter what your ability, the kit you use or the discipline you specialise in, everyone can relate to the exhilaration of blasting back and forth, trying to squeeze that extra bit of juice out of your kit whilst racing your mates.

At an event you choose a fleet to join depending on your ability, and blast around a simple course, trying to get to the finish the quickest!

At the events, there are several fleets:

Read more about the Slalom fleets before you enter.

Hayling Island poster


The Hayling Seafront is primarily a shingle beach above the high tide mark, with long stretches of sand below this line. About a third of the beach is protected by groynes. West Beach is Haylings most popular beach, and designated a windsurfing area. At high tide the waters can get deep quickly with the shelving of the beaches, at low tide the waters are usually shallow.


Racers starting off the beach at a Hayling slalom event.

Parking / Camping

This is a Pay and Display parking area.

Please note:

"Overnight parking is not officially permitted by Havant Borough Council so our advice, as with the National Windsurfing Festival, is to use your own discretion and common sense. Considerate parking and behaviour hasn't attracted attention here before."

Hayling Island Tourism tel: 023 9246 7111; or go to For campers you can try 'The Oven', Manor Road tel 023 9246 4695. Another useful site is


The action takes place from the 'INN on the BEACH' where the race office will be based. Many thanks to our hosts at the INN! This building is right on the waters edge with a large deck for spectators to watch the racing; also bars and conservatory upstairs, with fantastic views of the Solent.

Tourist Information / Accommodation

Hayling Island Tourism tel: 023 9246 7111 ; or go to For campers you can try 'The Oven' ,Manor Road tel 023 9246 4695. See also the resort guide, tourist information, and

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Terms of attendance

The UKWA reserves the right to exclude or expel any member / non member / family / group or individual from its event site should it be considered that they may by their actions or the perception of such bring the UKWA, its hosts other parties or individuals into disrepute. The UKWA Committee, in part or in it’s entirety, shall be the sole judge of such action, and their decision is deemed final.

Persons expelled shall leave the event site within 30 minutes of any verbal notice and shall not return. Exclusion may be deemed temporary (this event) or permanent (all events). Permanent expulsion shall be the decision of the elected committee and shall be confirmed in writing within 21 days of any temporary expulsion, however any excluded individual may not attend any UKWA events during this period of consideration.