ASA Winter Warrior Series

5 January 2005


The ASA (W) Winter Warrior Series 05 is being kindly hosted by Thorney Island Water Sports Centre (TIWSC) 47 RA Regt, Baker Barracks, Thorney Island. The venues and dates are as follows:

The events are open to all Service Sailors and UKWA Sailors.


The racing format will be biased towards slalom but in the event of light winds course racing will be conducted, dictated by the race committee on the day.

All competitors can register on the day of the event, however for the 2nd event of the Series all UKWA sailors are requested to register by the Wednesday before with Sgt Dave Doyle on 07974772025 or with their names, vehicles details e.g. colour, make, model and registration number. So the necessary security access can be authorised to enter Baker Barracks, Emsworth, Hampshire PO10 8DH.
Equipment Restrictions

Any board can be used up to a maximum of 1m wide and a maximum sail size of 11m.


It will cost £5 to enter the 1st and 2nd event. The 3rd event which is being organised by the UKWA and competed over 2 days will cost £25. Payable at registration.

There will be no food or refreshments facilities at the Thorney Island Water Sports Centre.


On each of the racing days the timings are as follows:

See you there!

KA Cross
ASA (W) Race Sec