Freewave at Brandon Bay

18 May 2005

As most people know there will not be a Triple Crown Event in Ireland this year (see Freewave update) but the UKWA event is still on at Brandon Bay for the 20th ­- 23rd May and will be known as "Andy's K24 Craic" in memory of Andy Funnell.

Andy at Ireland 2004It will be a brilliant one off Freewave event open to all comers and will be used to try out some new ideas for competition formats and structures, there will also be a hell of a Boardseeker party at Spillanes. Don't miss it as this will be a very special event.

The forecast for Friday and Saturday is South West - West, peaking at 32 knots and 4.1 metre swell, don¹t forget the small kit as Gowlane should be going off, Andy would have loved it and double attempts will be required from everyone. (Entry Form)

- Trevor