Inland Series 5 - Report

31 October 2005

Because of a severe lack of water at Bewl, this event had to be moved and the LWA are very grateful to the guys at Oxford SC at Farmoor for pulling out all the stops and making us very welcome.

Bob Ingram was determined to make it a fight with Alan Jackson in the lighter winds and in Race One he was so keen that he was over the line and despite winning the race he of course received a PMS, so Alan got his first bullet. Local "lads" Russ Canning and Andy Lacy filled the next two slots. His PMS must have made Bob err on the side of caution because he let Alan take the second race, followed by Farmoor sailor Adrian Rippington. Bob went for it in Race Three however, beating Alan and Adrian to the tape.

Only three races were held due to the light winds, Race Officer Jay Williamson binned a fourth race during the last minute or so of the start sequence, which proved to be a masterly decision as the wind rapidly disappeared completely.

In the Juniors, current world champ Ali Masters showed his class with three straight first places, with Sam Sill, Izzy Hamilton, Sophie Bailey and Lewis Robinson scrapping for 2nd and third places.

Zac King and Kieran Martin duelled away in the 4.5 fleet with Zac taking two firsts to Kieran's one.

The unfortunate Formula boys were left twiddling their thumbs on the bank, hoping for better wind on the Sunday, which dawned with a glassy calm. We were due to sail on Farmoor 2 - the "Other" reservoir, because of club sailing activities, but by the time racing got going the wind had got up nicely and even the Formula boys were getting twitchy.

The Race Team packed in a couple of Raceboard races before lunch, Alan Jackson on his Reflex Horseblanket was unstoppable and piled up the wins, in Race 4 visitor John Pete had his best race of the event to take 2nd place ahead of a flying Adrian Rippington. In Race 5 Tim Gibson filled 2nd place ahead of Bob Ingram.

Meanwhile Ali Masters had pinched another couple of first places ahead of a very consistent Sam Sills. Zac and Kieran shared one first place apiece.

As the Raceboarders went in for lunch the dedicated and unselfish (and hungry!) Race Crew stayed out unfed to give the Formula boys their opportunity and fitted in three races, thus giving them an event. . Chris Higham pulled off a couple of bullets ahead of Richard Priest and Daniel Simpson in Race One, and Richard and Daniel swapped places for Race Two. In the third Race with the wind picking up nicely, Richard really got his act together and took first place ahead of Chris and James Simpson stole third place from Daniel.

The Raceboards came out for a final couple of races as the wind built gradually, bring a change to the top few places as Tim Gibson found the fresher wind to his liking and carded a 2nd and a first place. In the last race young Kim Jiskoot on only a 6.6 had a flying start and was first round the windward mark, alas he was gradually hauled in as the extr square footage of the big sails paid off but he managed to finish in a very creditable 5th place.

In the Juniors Ali relaxed for the next to last race and slipped to 2nd place, allowing Izzy Hamilton a taste of glory, however he was back on top for the final race, which gave him 6 bullets overall. Zac seemed to get the better of Kieran in the stronger winds and took two first places.

Full results, pictures.


RACEBOARD mjod 6.6:

  1. Kim Jiskoot
  2. Kyle Martin
  3. Jessica Kelly (and 1st Lady)


  1. Rob Kent
  2. 2: Peter Fey
  3. Rod Davis
Nick Fountain
Bill Keeling;
Gemma Lewis
Peter Fey


  1. Alan Jackson
  2. Bob Ingram
  3. Tim Gibson
Adrian Rippington

FORMULA 11m Open

  1. Richard Priest
  2. Chris Lewis
Steve Sugden
Mike Blackgrove
Sarah Wilton
Youth (& 1st Overall)
Chris Higham


  1. Nick Carr


  1. Ali Masters
  2. Sam Sills
  3. Mathew Brown
Izzy Hamilton


  1. Zac King
  2. Kieran Martin