Luxury Easter Egg Competition 2005

24 January 2005

Guess who - It's Mike Simpson!!!

Easter bunny walking off with a huge egg. Guess who this (competent ‘young' athletic) windsurfer is and win a luxury Easter egg…

Ok no one has got this yet so here are 5 more clues!!

  1. The windsurfer in the photo was born in Germany.
  2. Has tap danced on TV (Junior Showtime - starring Bobby Bennett)
  3. Often helps youngsters get their kit safely through the shore break
  4. Likes to go out in a kayak and catch mackeral for the BBQ.
  5. Is no stranger to a drop of red wine.

The picture was taken in 1987 on the Greek Island of Lesbos where the windsurfer in question was on holiday with his wife of 2 years (who's middle name is Tracy).
The windsurfer in the picture is now 41 years old and is a familiar face at most UKWA racing events which he attends with his family.

Mystery windsurfer on museum age kit.

Closing Date extended: Entries to be sent in to Arabella (email or by post) by 22nd March 2005 (please include your phone no.) as we will post it to you if you are not going to Cornwall. Further clue: person in the photo will be at Marazion to present the egg (if you're there).


Address: 12 Beach Court, Old Fort Road
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