Minutes from the AGM

6 May 2005

The Cutty Sark, Marazion - 25 March 2005

Execs Present: John Ellis (Chair), Jay Williamson (Secretary), Roger Clark (Treasurer), Alastair Campbell, Allan Cross, Trevor Funnell, Lucy Horwood, Brian Tilbury, Ceri Williams

Apologies: Louise Emery, Stephen Fry, Paddy Payne, Doug Pearch.

50 people signed the attendance sheet.

Agenda Items:

  1. Previous Minutes: The AGM Minutes from 2004 were accepted and agreed subject to the word ‘metaphoric' being removed from para 3 of Chairman's report (2),

    Proposed: Kevin Proffitt. Seconded: Brian Tilbury. Floor Vote - agreed, none against, no abstentions.

  2. Report from the Chair: Successful season in 2004 and congratulations went to Nick Dempsey for his Bronze Medal at the Olympics.

    UKWA is unique in that we have all facilities available to us to put on events including our own safety crew - thanks again to them for a job well done in 2004.

  3. Accounts: The Accounts to December 2004 were handed round, discussed and approved. The Accounts have been posted on the website.

    A unique five figure surplus in the Income and Expenditure Accounts for 2004 (£10K) thanks to the Indoor Windsurfing Competition, which produced the majority of that surplus.

    Thanks to Trevor for the brilliant work he did in organising the Indoor last year.

    Proposed to accept Accounts: Allan Cross. Seconded: Tim Leary - Floor vote - agreed, none against, no abstentions.

  4. Re-election of Officers - Trevor Funnell took over the proceedings for the re-election of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
    • Chair - John Ellis; Treasurer - Roger Clark; Secretary - Jay Williamson
      All above re-elected - Proposed: Kevin Proffitt. Seconded: Tim Leary (Floor Vote - all agreed, none against, no abstentions).
    • Other committee members who stand down this year for re-election Alastair Campbell, Allan Cross, Brian Tilbury. All re-elected by floor vote in favour.
      (Ceri Williams has stepped from the Exec Committee) - creates 1 vacancy.
    • New Board Member Elected - Dave Sibley - Proposed by Trevor Funnell. Seconded: Kevin Proffitt - Floor vote - agreed, none against.
  5. If anyone else is interested in becoming a board member/or any of the other committees - please see one of the above execs to discuss co-option.

  6. Any Other Business:

    Proposals from the floor for consideration by execs at a future meeting:

    • for Trevor Funnell to be awarded an Honorary Membership in recognition of the amount of money he has brought into the UKWA over the past 2 years.
    • proposal to elect James Palin onto the Executive Committee.

    For further discussion by race committee:

    • Racing: start sequence and possible change to international flags

    Vote of thanks to Exec Committee from the floor.

    Meeting commenced at 8.00pm - closed at 8.30pm