Techno Cup 2005

6 May 2005

Techno Cup Logo For 2005 the Techno Cup has been broken down into 3 seperate series and all series are to be well rewarded.

Mike Blackgrove For the youngsters racing on the Techno 293 One Design (the official replacement for the Aloha board) in the National Junior Fleet (& rules), Ultra Sport have got together with Simon Bornhoft to offer a superb coaching clinic with Simon as a prize. All events will count and they have been ranked according to importance (level of difficulty) in line with UKWA ranking system. Full details of the scoring method are shown elsewhere on this web site, but to give you an idea, 1st place at a given event would score 50 points and then multiply this by the event ranking. Points scored at the UKWA Cup events and also the UKWA Inland events will be totalled to give an overall winner. The more events you do the greater your chance of winning the series prize.

The Techno Formula Cup follows the same principles as the Techno 293 Cup, although this time it's raced in the Free Formula Fleet and limits riders to 11.0m max (10.0m max for juniors). Again all events to count from UKWA Cup and UKWA Inland series, and the rider with the highest score at the end of the season wins a coaching clinic with Simon Bornhoft.

Bic SuperBlastUltra Sport new boy and BiC Sport UK brand manager, Andy Wood, was keen to make a mark in this his first season involved with the UKWA, with BiC Sport & with Ultra Sport and to this end the Techno Slalom Cup was given a bit of an overhaul. The BiC / Tiga range of boards boasts a number of very quick & slalom orientated boards and it was decided that it'd perhaps be a crime not to include these newcomers in the competition. As a result, the BiC Superblaster Slalom Cup was born, giving the owners of any / all current / previous / archived BiC / Tiga branded boards a series to race and to be recognised in. The Superblaster Slalom Cup is run in two seperate categories, 'Junior' and 'Challenge' representing the juniors who will race in the junior fleet (I'm guessing a few of you would have worked that out?) and everyone else wanting to compete for the excellent prize on offer .... coming to that detail ..... racing in the Challenge fleet. There are 5 events on the UKWA slalom calendar for 2005, and every one of them counts towards the BiC Superblaster Cup and highest score at end of the season is the winner.

The prize for this series is your choice of BiC Superblast board, and you'll have the opportunity to try them to help you make that choice at the events as well as local demo events supported by Ultra Sport around the UK.

As with previous years, the best (most persistant) all rounder will be rewarded and again Simon Bornhoft will be offering a superb clinic for the 2005 BiC Sport UK Windsurfer of the Year to go with a new perpetual trophy which is being kept in a secret place . . . .

Ian Kraft on full Bic kit.Calculating the winner from the three series will total up the Junior riders 'best 5' scores from either the Techno 293 or the Techno Formula Cup and add them to their 'best 5' scores from the Junior Superblaster events to give their best possible overall score. The 'adults' will also total up their 'best 5' scores from the Techno Formula Cup and add this score to the total of their 'best 5' Challenge Superblaster events to give their overall total score. Once we have these totals, the highest score is the winner and it could be either a junior or a veteran or equally somebody fitting in anywhere in between.

The support from Ultra Sport is excellent for these series, the prizes are fantastic, and the opportunity for anybody to enter and win is pretty attractive. This continues the good work done by Guy Chilvers who worked very hard to kick off the Techno Cup in the UK, and also highlights how well accepted and organised the Techno Cup has been by the UKWA.

This is a popular series, it's an excellent way to get involved in the racing, and the rewards are there for racers from the entry level upwards. Sign up and start scoring points, because in this game ... points make prizes. . . .

See you at an event

Krafty - Techno Cup Overall Winner 2003
Glory time ...