UKWA SIs for 2005

14 March 2005

All rule references have been updated in line with the new (2005-2008) rules. The revised Appendix B to these rules does away with the old Funboard Racing Rules. All boards are now racing to the same rules, although with changes to the turn penalty and (particularly for Raceboard sailors) the rule covering mark rounding.

When numeral 3 is flown, you must wear a drysuit or a wetsuit including legs - not just a shortie.

Equipment registration forms are required for the adult Raceboard fleet excluding Unlimited, FW (not Free Formula), and Top Flight in slalom. These need to be completed (or updated) at registration for your first event of the year. At subsequent events, you need only update (or confirm no changes) at registration.

IMCO and the new Olympic board are recognised as separate classes within the Raceboard fleet.

FW juniors may now use sails up to 10m 2 .

Following a general recall on a black flag, competitors identified as over the line (and therefore disqualified from the restart) can now be advised verbally, rather than only by writing up the sail numbers.

We will retain one discard from three course races or slalom rounds but, in line with the new Appendix B, discard a second result from 7 (was 8 ) and a third from 11 (was 12)

Ties will be broken as last year (best results excluding discards, then last race), not as per the new Appendix B.

Sailing Instructions.

Appendix B - course racing.