Web site update

24 April 2005

The move was promted by needing more space, and also there are some things we'd like to do that we couldn't do on the previous hosting.

For now, we've just been trying to make sure everything needed was up to date, now it is up, we can fill in some of the 'historical' information from previous years. To just run through the sections:

The one problem we've had transfering things has been the forum. Unforunately, as the passwords are encryted, we can't transfer across the user accounts, so you will have to register again.

On the plus side, with the new hosting we'll be able to do email outs to members (+plus anyone else who's interested), on a monthly basis.

We will also have more space for videos, pics etc.

Also, more people will be able to add reports/news etc, so there will be more going up, and more quickly!

The reason we couldn't add everything in before launch, is that every new event (with reports, results etc) means we would have to update 2 sites, doubling the work. The quicker it goes up, the less duplication we'll have to do.

If anyone finds any issues with the site that I haven't covered above, please let me know, either on the forum, or by email.