Welsh Hi-ho - Directions

20 August 2005

The whole idea is to come and relax, there are no prizes, only fun racing, no clocks, no timetables and no plans-just alot of options and things for you to do-if you choose! To get your name on this list e mail me on daleweekend@rya-online.net or lewisboy@rya-online.net or give me a call on 07976 782685.

Directions to the "Dale Weekend" - August 27th, 28th,29th.

Campers-fill your water tanks in advance.

From the Midlands and all that is north!

  • You need to get on the M5 south.
  • Junction 8 for the M50 is just after the Strensham services so you need to be in the inside left lane from a fair way before the services turn off to be safe!
  • The M50 turns into the a40 just north of Ross on Wye, and the a449 just north of Monmouth. ONCE IN WALES DO NOT SPEED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AS THEY ARE VERY HOT (the cynics would say that they're out for you!) stay on it all the way down to Newport where you come out on the Coldra roundabout by the Celtic Manor (McDonalds if required) and junction 24 of the M4.
  • Get on M4 at this tricky roundabout (no ones moves over it's a real nuisance!) and head west.
  • Go to Cardiff directions:

From London and the South!

  • You need to get on the M4 wherever and however you can! There is a bit near Swindon where they average out your speed and prosecute anyone over 70mph so watch out for this!
  • Go to Cardiff directions:

From Cardiff:

  • Actually, before you get to Cardiff you need to pass Newport, the motorway forks and you need to be in one of the two outside lanes! Just follow the signs.
  • From Cardiff onwards is all plain sailing really till you get to Carmarthen- but remember: DO NOT SPEED AT ANY TIME ON THE M4 OR IN WALES. There is also a 50mph an hour limit through Port Talbot (where you can see the big steel works on your left!)
  • Anyway the M4 becomes the A48 at Pont Abraham, follow this to cross hands (McD stop) and then Carmarthen (another McD stop up to the left off the roundabout)
    At Carmarthen the A48 turns into the A40 where you now head to St Clears and Haverfordwest.
  • At haverfordwest, you go left/straight over at first roundabout after Toyota garage
  • Down to big roundabout next to Land Rover garage.
  • Left at this big roundabout down Freemans Way through cut in the rocks to another roundabout and your last McD's opportunity! (you should see college and post office sorting office in front of you)
  • Turn right up hill at this roundabout.
  • Keep going straight on up this hill and over/past an odd sort of asymmetric roundabout thing and past the fire station on your right.
  • You come to a junction where you have to turn left (no choice here its one way!)
  • Stay in left hand lane (near side) and follow road and sign posts towards Dale and Broad Haven.
  • Tesco's is just ahead of you and left at a mini roundabout- This is your only chance to get food, supplies, CASH and fuel for the weekend as beyond here is not a lot, the Tesco's is 24hr so it shouldn't matter what time you arrive!
  • Carry on towards a fork in the road (Peugeot garage on your left and Bellevue pub in front of you!) .Go left at this junction onto the B4237 towards Dale.
  • Carry on along this road till you get to dale, it's a long winding road that can catch you out if your tired and rushing to do the last bit of a long journey so be careful! If your camping you need to look out for Dale Hill Farm, which is a right turn just as you eventually reach the sea and before you go up the hill towards Dale itself. It is signed.
  • DALE! Down hill into the village, past a little shed on your left and then you need to look right for the entrance to the car park where we are staying. VERY IMPORTANT BIT: SPACE IS AN ABSOLUTE PREMIUM IN THE CAR PARK, IF THE LOCALS AND THE COUNCIL THINK WE'RE TAKING OVER TO THE DETRIMENT OF OTHER VISITORS (IT IS BANK HOLIDAY SO IT WILL BE BUSY!) WE'LL BE ASKED TO MOVE ON, WE MUST PARK CLOSELY TO EACH OTHER I'M AFRAID, NO AWNINGS NO SPECIAL SPACES FOR TRAILORS. More space could be available once we know whose arrived and how busy the village will be and if people are using the over flow car park correctly! I hope this doesn't cause a problem but we must make very effort (initially) to blend in and not stick out too much!!
  • Once parked everything is within a 5 minute walk-toilets, shop, pub, showers, beach. We may go off site for cliff jumping but transport can be shared/pooled for that!

That's it, all done!! Have a safe trip, take your time, enjoy the journey as there's plenty to see and please don't speed. See you on arrival in Dale my mobile number to contact at any point of your journey, with any questions is 07976 782685.