Welsh Hi-ho - Directions

20 August 2005

The whole idea is to come and relax, there are no prizes, only fun racing, no clocks, no timetables and no plans-just alot of options and things for you to do-if you choose! To get your name on this list e mail me on daleweekend@rya-online.net or lewisboy@rya-online.net or give me a call on 07976 782685.

Directions to the "Dale Weekend" - August 27th, 28th,29th.

Campers-fill your water tanks in advance.

From the Midlands and all that is north!

From London and the South!

From Cardiff:

That's it, all done!! Have a safe trip, take your time, enjoy the journey as there's plenty to see and please don't speed. See you on arrival in Dale my mobile number to contact at any point of your journey, with any questions is 07976 782685.