Gold for Nick in Turkey

19 June 2006

"Basically I want to win everything"

Nick sailing in Turkey Having already won 3 golds and 1 silver from the first 4 international events this year Nick Dempsey held his nerve and has become the European Champion in a fleet of 94 top class sailors including 2004 Olympic Gold, Silver and of course Bronze medallists.

In race 10 Dempsey was 23rd around the top mark and just used shear strength to pump through the crowd. Heading towards the top mark for the second time Dempsey was on a mission. On every slight gust and every wave he gained an advantage. He would be planing for 20 feet and then as the gust passed, would pump even more. By the time he reached the top, he had pulled back another ten places. The whole of the fleet chose the left side to drive back down wind. Dempsey also went left and found that only stream of wind and planed all the way to the gate, picking off everyone except Van Dijk and Le Gal. EITHER LUCKY OR GIFTED,

Nick went into the double pointed medal 11 points ahead of nearest rival Joeri Van Diyjk And although Nick could not fall below 2nd place he desperately wanted to win this major title. The wind picked up as if on cue and Nick followed Miarczynski across the line to take the title. A good weeks work.

Bryony Shaw went into the medal race in 4th position but pulled herself up to 2nd overall. Another great result for Skandia Team GBR.