Junior Slalom and Techno 293 Slalom

17 March 2006

If you have been following the forums you will already be aware of a change to Fleet structure at Slalom events.

Last years junior fleet becomes a Techno 293 Junior fleet.
There will be an under 15 division within Techno, normal class rules apply regarding maximum sail size for each age category.

In the interest of fairness and safety it has been decided that competitors entering the Techno 293 fleet at Slalom events can use any number of sails of 5.5 sq.m. or less.

The 7.8 and 6.8 rigs used must be from the class approved list.

Those junior sailors not competing on Techno can enter the Challenge fleet as a prize division. If you are big enough and ugly enough you can apply to race in the youth division of the Top Flight !

The race entry form has been amended accordingly.