Red Bull Storm Chasers

17 July 2006

Red Bull Storm Chase Red Bull will be picking a storm, and then:

1 rider per country will face this storm alone in his country on the spot he selects on that one day when the storm strikes...

The rider voting is on! You can now vote who of the registered riders gets a ticket for the event. You have one vote per country or region so think twice who you want to represent his country and who you want to see on the DVD. The winners of the voting will face the biggest storm of the year, each in his or her country. Each rider will be accompanied by a photographer and a camera team to capture the ultimate action. By the end of the year you can watch the whole journey of one big storm over up to 9 countries on one DVD.

The impotant dates are:

July 17th - Jul. 31st Voting round 1 - preselection of top 5
Aug. 1st - Aug. 13th Voting round 2 - final elimination
Sept. 1st - Nov. 15th Waiting period - event on hold for the storm

The riders are in the selection phase, you can vote for the top British sailors. Most are UKWA regulars, although a few people from other coutries have stuck onto that page!