TK 68 & 78 Rigging Guide

29 June 2006

Ali Masters on the kit.

Your Tushingham TK 68 and 78 RIG

The Tushingham TK rigs are recognised under the Techno 293 International Class Racing Rules. In the UK the rigs have been nominated by the RYA as the ‘one design' rig for squad selection and trials. Tushingham Sails have designed a high performance rig that will suit a wide range of sailor size and ability. Particular attention was paid to providing the performance necessary for UK representatives to win on the world stage.

The rig comprises of three components:

  1. The Tushingham 6.8m / 7.8m Sail: These sails are specially designed to maximise the performance of the Techno board in the widest of wind ranges. Therefore the sail is constructed of materials that are strong and lightweight, with extra reinforcements in areas of need.
  2. The Tushingham mast: The masts are made by the Worlds leading carbon mast manufacturer, equipping sailors at the cutting edge of all race disciplines. The high carbon content allows the rig to be lightweight, with a fast reflex response period that vastly improves the performance and handling of the sail.
  3. The Aeron/HPL boom: The boom is of the highest specification built of T8 alloy, ultra strong. The reduced diameter grip reduces the strain on the forearm muscles particularly for younger sailors with a smaller grip.

Adjustable outhaul. If or when you start competing at a higher level of competition the sail will need to be trimmed on the water. The system allowing you to do this is called THE ADJUSTABLE OUTHAUL. It contains a pulley, cleat and rope. This is available from most windsurfing retailers.


The TK rigs are engineered to perform at the highest levels of racing. To achieve the best possible performance and longevity from your rig it needs to be treated with a high level of care, as would any other piece of high quality, technical sports equipment. e.g. tennis rackets, mountain bikes.

The simple steps outlined below will help you to maximise the performance and lifespan of your rig.


Sail setting

Some sailors are using extreme rig settings in the belief that this will improve pumping and light wind performance. We're talking about the practice of setting the sail with very little downhaul and no outhaul with the result that the sail is extremely full and rounded in the mast area. This may feel powerful but it is not correct and will not give the best performance. A sail needs a good airflow across the windward and leeward sides to work. By setting the sail overfull at the front, the airflow over the leeward side will be compromised. Furthermore, this extreme setting will place undue strain on the rig components and could lead to failure and/or premature wear. Please see the comments about individual rig components below:-

The Mast

The Sail Battens

The Sail

The Boom




More Information? Here are some key contacts:

In the UK the RYA/UKWA have set up a support group called the TSG. (Techno Support Group). They hope to answer any questions you have on matters regarding the equipment and the operations of the class. The contact details are:

Updated equipment details (like tuning tips) can be found on both the UKWA site and the Tushingham Website. The UKWA also have a very active internet forum.

Be sure to view the Tushingham ‘Rig it Right' DVD with Peter Hart for a good grounding in rigging and sail care together with basic tuning.