Weymouth 2006 Harbour Dash

31 August 2006

The starting line up. 15 entrants enjoyed sunshine and F4/5 (12-16knots) Cross shore westerly winds to sail the open sea course from Overcombe Corner, upwind into Portland Harbour and out again for a 3 mile blistering close reach to the finish on the beach.

Nick Deverell heading back to the beach.Almost all competitors set personal best times and the winner NICK DEVERELL (GBR374) took just over 2 minutes longer at 20m 50s than the record set by ADE BUGLER over 10 years ago, set in 1994 of 18mins 35sec!

If the wind had been consistant at the start, the old record would have been broken easily.

Kevin GreensladeThe top four finishers: Nick Deverell (GBR374) 20m 50s, Kevin Greenslade (GBR82) 23m 43s, Callum Edge 25m 53s, Norman Petty (official bus pass holder) 26m 52s.

The entrants.

Steven Howlett deserves a mention: Steve sailed the course on a Starboard Go to finish in just over 30minutes!

- Norman Petty