ANIMAL WINDFEST freestyle results ...

18 September 2007

As you would expect there was a great festival atmosphere at the 2007 Poole Animal Windfest.! Unfortunately there was not a lot of wind - only one championship round for Junior, Youth and Amateur sailors, and a Pro Expression session.

The crowds were also entertained on the saturday by a " Tow-in freestyle" competition / display from leading UKWA sailors.

The 2007 UKWA Freestyle Champions, decided by combining the results from Whiteair and Windfest, are:

Andy "Bubble" Chambers
Rich Jones
Ben Harwood

Full results for the Series , Whiteair and Windfest will be published soon. Meanwhile the Animal Windfest finalists were:

Pro Expression Session

  1. Simon Hurrey
  2. Andy Chambers
  3. Pip Pardoe

Tow-in session

  1. Andy Chambers
  2. Simon Hurrey
  3. Rich Jones


  1. Rich Jones
  2. David Williams
  3. Sam Neal
  4. Ben Lee


  1. Ben Harwood
  2. Finlay Forster Davies
  3. Alexei Gayda
  4. Steve Tyson


  1. Chris Beng
  2. Sam Sullivan