Bridlington report - Dan Simpson

31 May 2007

UKWA British Open Windsurfing Championship

Bridlington 26-28 May 2007

Mike's Camper on the sea front.The wind forecast was great for the UKWA British Open Windsurfing Championships in Bridlington. It was going to be windy but unfortunately it was also going to be wet and cold. I think this put off a few people who may have otherwise made the trip ‘Up North.'

As the forecast was for light winds on the Saturday I took the opportunity on Friday night to go to the Pavilion Night Club with my Formula Fleet chums, Richard Jones, Nick Carr, Chris Bond and Charles Riach. As dedicated racers we ensured we were back to our tents long before the briefing!
Happily, as predicted, the wind was very light on Saturday so we competitors had a nice relaxing morning and a chance to rig in a relaxed fashion. After lunch the wind picked up enough for the Raceboard, RS:X and Techno Fleets to hit the water for some good light wind races. These conditions suited the lightweight sailors and they took full advantage.

The wind dropped significantly and at 4pm racing was ended for the day. The competitors could now de-rig and head on down for a swim at Bridlington's Leisure World courtesy of the East Riding of Yorkshire council. The swimming pool and hot showers are perfect before a good night out on the town for some of the more energetic windsurfers. We went to the Spice of Bengal Curry House where poppadoms and pickles, a splendid set meal for four and sixteen pints of Tetley Smooth was well worth £ 70. My dad was so impressed he nearly left a tip!

Sunday's racing was brilliant with winds of 14 -19 knots and a nice swell to sort the men from the boys downwind. All fleets enjoyed some well powered up racing. I had a few quite cheeky wipe outs on my new Formula board when traveling downwind at nearly 30 knots. I quickly decided that letting the nose dig in was not particularly smart.

When I started getting used to my new board (a beautiful three year old Starboard 159) I very nearly won the last Formula race on Sunday. Near the finish I gibed slightly too soon allowing Keith Atkinson and Alan Jackson to dash ahead of me just before the finish line. Dad, watching through his binoculars, had a nose bleed!

Bank Holiday Monday was a very windy day with gusts well over 25 knots. Rough seas and a big shore break made it very difficult for the few sailors who tried to battle against the elements. All of the competitors that managed to battle around the course were rewarded with a good position due to the very small number of people that managed to complete the race. Only 9 Technos, 6 Formulas, 4 RS:X and two Raceboards completed the final race and gained top points.

It was great to see how many of the Techno fleet battled around the course, these hardcore kids are going to be a force to be reckoned with in years to come and Nick Dempsey had better watch his back.

Bridlington once again proved itself to be one of the best events of the year with winds of all strengths and different sea states. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council kindly allowed us to camp on the excellent Alexandria Promenade and I am looking forward to coming back for more of the same next year. Thanks to all of the sponsors for making it happen and the safety boat crews for making it happen safely. See you at Farmoor and then again at Tenby.

The 2007 British Open Champions are:
Dan, Richard and Nick.

Formula Fleet Champion
Keith Atkinson
Formula Master
Xavier Ferlet
Formula Youth
Dan Simpson
Formula Junior
Joanna Wright
Formula 11m class
Richard Priest
RS:X Fleet Champion
Richard Hamilton (& 1st Youth)
Raceboard Fleet Champion
Tom Naylor (& 1st Master)
Raceboard Veteran
Dave Gilchrist
Raceboard Unlimited
Tony Goodwin
Raceboard Woman
Janet Pain

The Techno champions.

Techno Fleet Champion
Ali Masters
Techno 6.8 (u15)
Sam Sills
Techno Girl
Izzy Hamilton

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