Calendar for 2007

15 February 2007

UKWA logo The calendar is now finalised (barring acts of God, or local authorities!), it's all in the events section. (People using OSX, Vista or Sunbird can subscribe with the link at the bottom.)

The events section is being worked on at the moment, and before the season kicks off you should be able to create a customised calendar of UKWA, local and (hopefully) international events in your favoured discipline(s). You can then print it, or subscribe to it.

Whilst we're talking events, 'Sola' Chris Lewis has asked for a little feedback for the Tenby Cup event in June. If you're planning to attend, help Chris to help you...

A non-UKWA event that quite a few members are planning to go to is the Defi Wind, which you might have seen in one the mags last year. Dan Ellis and Jon Mobbs went and loved it, and they have much bigger plans for this year.

Denis kindly put up the information and links for Defi on the forum.