Exocet LB demo at Bough Beach

19 February 2007

Kona class boards rounding a mark. At the first LWA Event of the 2007 Summer Series at Bough Beech SC near Sevenoaks on Sat 10 March, Surf Sales have kindly agreed to bring along two of the new Exocet longboards to demo, a Kona and a Warp X. At last a major manufacturer has decided to put their weight behind some solid R&D; and produce some brand new kit to delight the many windsurfers who are still devoted to longboard racing. At the Kona championships in France this year there were apparently over 100 boards. So maybe this is what we have all been waiting for. Come to Bough Beech and find out more.

Also board info available on the Exocet website!

Warp-X, Kona, and information about the Kona Class.