F2 Speedgun Challenge 2007 - Round 1

27 March 2007

Hayling Island was the venue for the first event of the UKWA racing season with the action taking place off the "Inn on the Beach", Westbeach.

This year Matt Wemms, of 604 Distribution, importer of F2 equipment and promoter of the Speedgun Challenge concept combined forces with the UKWA to further develop speed as a racing discipline.

Combining events with the Slalom Series is a new initiative for 2007 and the idea looks to be a winner.
Competitors could enter either the championship racing or fun "off the beach" masterblaster racing, and participate in the Speedgun Challenge, without further cost.

The UKWA Race Team co-ordinated the weekends racing to ensure competitors had plenty of opportunity to have their speeds"clocked".

With off shore winds forecast for the weekend flat water conditions were guaranteed; and on the Saturday, at least, winds were strong enough and stable enough to test the concerpt .

The speed track was set between the beach and the slalom course area - enabling competitors to get a run both going out to the start area and on the way back to the beach.

24 competitors - half the slalom entry - had speed attempts recorded. The concept clearly appealed to Youth and Master element within the fleets !

Alan Jackson at speed.Fastest run off the weekend was recorded by the "flying Scotsman" - Alan Jackson (GBR 53) ; with 8 sailors recording over 30.0 , including 2 youth competing in the Challenge fleet slalom - namely Ed Strange and Nick Carr.
Fastest master was Roger Clark just a tad faster than Xavier Ferlet.
Fastest junior - Sam Latham; fastest female - Kate Strange.

Special thanks to Dave White for presenting the prizes, delivered in person by Matt Wemms.

Full results.

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Picture courtesy of Mike Simpson.