Formula Worlds - Last day of practice before competition

2 December 2007

Xavier Ferlet, on location

Xavier at practice.With Ross Williams in Maui, I ended up the only rider to represent the UKWA at the FW Worlds in Brazil - a big responsability! Everybody else is there though, Antoine Albeau, Steve Allen, Wojtek Borowski (I'm sure the name is not spelt correctly but you know who he is!).

All the conditions are there for a great competition with wind, sun and some pretty big swell! It's easy to launch from the marina though. Yesterday, I went out training with my friend Fernando(ESP71) on 10.7 in a perfect 14 knots with about... 12ft swell! It's way to hot for any kind of wet suit here and even with a lycra, you have to go in from time to time to cool down...

Today I just went out for 1 hour to test a mast track slightly further back in the lighter conditions.

The competition is on tomorrow so off to bed early and check for more details.

Xav - GBR451