Hove- F2 Speedgun Challenge results

25 June 2007

Alan Jackson (GBR 53) set the pace with a first run of 23 mph in difficult, choppy, conditions on sunday morning.
It did not take long for his old adversary, Xavier Ferlet (GBR451), to equal that speed with his first run.
These two were not , however , going to have it all their own way!
Ricky Wooding , Challenge fleet racer , popped up with a 25 - and so it became a 3 horse race . Over the next hour and after countless runs eventually a winner emerged with a speed of 30 mph - Xavier Ferlet .
Over 20 racers took up the challenge from the 3 fleets entered into the Slalom Championship.
The top 3 in eachfleet were rewarded with t's and dvd's from sponsors 604 Distribution, importers of F2 into the UK.

Top Flight -
1. Xavier Felet (30) - and fastest overall
2. Al Jackson (28)
3. Rich Jones (28)- and fastst youth

Challenge Fleet-
1. Ricky Wooding (29)- and second fastest overall
2. Ian Jones (24)
3. Larry Chan (24)

Junior Fleet-
1. Sam latham (25)
2. Sam Sills (25)
3. Matthew Brown (24)