Hove Freewave - report from Sam Neal

25 June 2007

We woke up, vans along the prom, to a good breeze and a cloudless sky. The prospects of a good competition were high. With the forecast indicating that winds would increase across the day, the competitors were briefed by Trevor Funnel. The first round was to be judged on Freestyle and later rounds would have more bias on Freewave, waves and jumps being very favourably looked upon.

There was a large and strong junior fleet. The standard was high in difficult conditions, but two strong competitors shone through. Both Ben Harwood and Aleksy Gayda were neck and neck, Ben being strong at Freestyle and Aleksy coming through in the jumps and waves.

In the youths there was intense activity. Ben Lee showing us vulcans on the way in and Sam Buckby popping vulcans between short chop on the way out. I was loving the conditions, testing me to the limit at times. During Saturday, as conditions were spot on, we managed 6 rounds for youth.

The Amateur ranks were swollen at this event by a few new entrants. All sailed well, Adam Humphreys pulled a neat back loop off the smallest of chop.

Saturday was ideal, Sunday was a day for ducks. Rain, rain and a dropping, on shore, wind. No rounds were run.

The winners were:
Amateurs- Adam Humhreys
First Lady - Lucy Robson
Youth - Sam Neal
Junior - Aleksy Gayda and Ben Harwood.

(Full results)

Sam is sponsored by JP, Neil Pryde, Animal, Ultra Sport and Blockhead Sun Care.