South West Cup Results - updated

9 April 2007

Starting in front of the mount. A public apology - unfortunately an incorrect set of results have been published; and were used for conducting the prize giving. This does not affect FW sailors -but it does RSX,Raceoard and Techno. (Updated results)

I should have given a further discard after the 7th race -as per SI 16.1.c

Apologies to:
Marie Buchanan(1st) and Ashley Barratt (2nd -but 1st Youth) on tie break;
Annete Kent(moves up to 6th) Dick Pratt and Brian Tilbury each move down one place ;
Avril Gibbons (4th overall & 1st girl) and Sophie Bailey (5th) exchange places; fortunately the other prize places do not change, but still slight changes to overall positions of - George Bowles (who moves up to 6th ), Izzie Hamilton, Byan Tilbury, Ian Gibbons, Matthew Brown, Lindsay Smith, Becky Plummer, Nicola Grainger, Stuart Hards, and Jack Plummer.

- Ceri Williams