27 March 2007

The UK Windsurfing Association AGM for 2006 will be held at The Barn, Eastern Green, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 3DH on Friday 6th April 2007 at 7.30pm.

Bar will be open and you can stay on for the nightclub entertainment (starting after the AGM) for FREE if you wish.


  1. Minutes of the 2006 UKWA AGM.
  2. To receive the report from the Chair.
  3. To receive the Financial Statements for the year to 31 December 2006. Please please print your own copy to bring to the AGM. The detailed management accounts for 2006 are available to members, please email the office quoting your membership number if you would like a printed copy.
  4. Amendments to UK Windsurfing Association's constitution.

    These amendments are proposed to the second part, the Articles of Association.

    1. Amend article 52 to:

      The quorum for the transaction of the business of the directors shall be one third of the total number of directors.

      Rationale - At present the quorum is 5 but article 36 states that the minimum number of directors is 3. This would mean that the directors could not validly pass a resolution if they were at their minimum number. By linking the quorum to the actual number of directors it avoids this situation whilst maintaining a sensible quorum.

    2. Add an additional article at 54 and renumber all subsequent articles:

      A meeting of the directors or sub-committee of the directors may take place with those directors participating in person or by a telephone conference call or other electronic means so long as each director wishing to participate in the meeting can be heard by and hear the other participants simultaneously.

      Rationale - This allows for telephone conference calls, video conferencing and Skype meetings.

  5. Election of Executive Committee and Officers
  6. As noted in the rationale, UKWA Board changes for 2007, which follows the Agenda below, the entire Executive Committee have agreed to stand down and propose the following are elected.
    Position Nominee
    Chairman Ian Jones
    Head of Finance (the treasurer) John Ellis
    Head of Racing (course and slalom) and Company Secretary Jay Williamson
    Head of Wave (& freestyle) Simon Bassett
    Head of Speed Pete Davis
    Head of Corporate liaison (sponsors, corporate membership) Alan Cross
    Class Representatives
    Techno Chris Masters
    Raceboard Brian Tilbury
    RS:X (a raceboard, but also a separate ISAF class) Lucy Horwood
    Formula Xavier Ferlet
    Funboard / slalom Roger Clark
    Speed Pete Davis
    Wave / freewave / freestyle Simon Bassett
    Regional Representatives
    London & SE Rod Davis
    South West
    Midlands Bob Ingram
    North West
    North East
    Bosun (Equipment manager) Dave Sibley
    Media Paddy Payne
    Marketing Ian Kraft
    Race crew representative To be nominated
  7. Resignations

    Trevor Funnell and Stephen Fry have decided to resign from the committee.

  8. Any other business

    As part of the Agm this is the opportunity to raise matters which relate to the conduct of the Association.

Once the official business is over there will be an opportunity for discussion on any other matters, which members wish to bring up.

If possible, please advise the Chair in advance of items to be brought up under these headings.

UKWA Board changes for 2007

The problem

For some time the UKWA board has been working with a number of related problems:
The size of the board (15 people) makes it difficult to get them all together for a meeting, and means that few of the issues on the aganda are important to everyone present.
The composition of the board is not dictated by the Constitution or by any working agreement, and so it would be possible for it to over-represent some areas of the membership and under-represent others.

The board have experimented with a sub-committee structure, but without success.

The solution

At their December meeting the board agreed to the following new structure. It can be put into place under the existing constitution, but the board will document it as a working agreement, evaluate and revise it if necessary, and then consider whether to incorporate it into the Constitution later.

The full board will remain about the same size or a little larger, but will be structured to incorporate representatives of all the active areas of the Association.

It will meet between 2 and 4 times a year, to

There will be a management committee, which


The roles and constituencies on the board (we may come up with snappier titles!) will be as follows. The first 6 will form the management committee.

Immediate practicalities

The current Executive Committee will all stand down at the 2007 AGM. The outgoing Executive Committee will propose the members of the new Executive Committee for 2007/8 on the basis of discussions and suitable candidates willing to stand.

It is hoped that for the following and future years members involved in the individual classes and areas of activity will propose their own representative.