UKWA and GSG Cargo team up

2 December 2007

GSG Cargo would like to welcome members of the UK Windsurfing Association

GSG Cargo.If you are competing overseas then traditionally the movement of windsurfing equipment - boards, masts, booms, extensions, sails, etc.. plus all the paraphernalia - wetsuits, clothing, harnesses, boots, etc... will not only weigh down your luggage and cost you a small fortune in transport and airfreight but then there's the responsibility and hassle of carrying it all yourself and retrieving your goods when you arrive at your destination. And that's before you even step foot in the water - hardly the best preparation!

GSG Cargo has therefore teamed up with the UK Windsurfing Association and are pleased to offer the following services and member benefits;

We will be working closely with the UK Windsurfing Association and will be posting "latest posting dates" for up coming events should you wish to take advantage of our special consolidation rates on both this website and the GSG Cargo site.

What are consolidation rates?

We are aware that there will be numerous members traveling to the same event and by transporting their equipment all together we can offer further discounts. The event organiser in the country of destination will then receive this equipment and distribute it accordingly. After the event the local organiser will receive all your equipment back and we will arrange to transport it back to the UK in the same way - again saving you time, effort and more importantly, money.