Wave Rankings after Tiree.......

14 October 2007

With just one more event to go in the race for the 2007 Wave titles, the rankings after Tiree - round 3 of the 4 Nations Championship- are published.

1st Andy King
2nd John Hibbard
3rd Mark Bell
4th Ben Proffitt
5th John Skye
6th Jamie Hancock
7th Rich Potter
8th Phil Horrocks
Joint 9th Oisin Van Gelderen, Steve Thorp, Finn Mullen
12th Graham Woods
13th Chris Audsley
Joint 14th Pip Pardoe, James Cox, Rich Jones, Andy Chambers, Colin Dixon
19th Terry Luxton
Joint 20th Martin Francis, Adam Lewis, Sam Neal, Mark Hosegood, Ollie Scott, Steve Jarvis

1st Graham Woods
2nd Rich Jones
Joint 3rd Sam Neal/Steve Jarvis
5th Dave Booker/Robbie Eisler
7th Rich Myerson

1st Aleksy Gayda
2nd Tom Knox
Joint 3rd Dave Woods/John Isaacson
5th Finlay Forster-Davies
6th Leonard
7th Ben Harwood
8th Sam Coldham
9th Tyson

1st Simon Crowther
2nd Mark Seaney
3rd Scott McDowell
4th Ian Gibson
5th Adam Cropper
6th Stuart Kelly

1st Sav
2nd Dave Edmiston
3rd Nigel Treacy
4th Gerry Wilcox
5th Chris Wilcox

1st: Louise Emery
2nd: Janine Guest
3rd: Ruth Elliott