Windsurfing at Weymouth 2012

9 November 2007

The ten sailing events for the 2012 Olympic Games have been decided by the ISAF Council during the 2007 ISAF Annual Conference.

Today in Estoril, Portugal, ISAF President Göran Petersson led the ISAF Council in over two hours of debate and discussion before the ten events were decided. The final slate of events was voted on by the members of the ISAF Council, which is formed of the ISAF Executive Committee (elected for a four-year term in November 2004), 28 appointed members (representing each of the regional groups of sailing nations), and representatives of the Offshore Committee, ISAF Classes Committee and a Women's Representative. The selection of the ten events is subject to final confirmation from the International Olympic Committee.

The ten events selected by the ISAF Council for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition are:

One person dinghy - Men
One person dinghy heavy - Men
Two person dinghy - Men
Two person dinghy high performance - Men
Windsurfer - Men
Keelboat - Men
One person dinghy - Women
Two person dinghy - Women
Keelboat match racing - Women
Windsurfer - Women

ISAF President Göran Petersson said: "The selection of events for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition will have a significant impact on the sport around the world. Sailing has a long and glorious history as an Olympic sport and has been on every Olympic programme since 1908. The ten events chosen for the London Games provide a perfect showcase of the wide range and diversity of sailing. I am certain they will form the backbone of a terrific Olympic Sailing Competition in 2012."

The ten sailing events at the 2012 London Olympic Games will be held at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. The equipment for the ten sailing events at the 2012 Games will be selected by the ISAF Council in November 2008.


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